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We all have felt the panic that comes when the printer won't print, scanner won't scan and application won't work. When your hardware or software doesn't work like it should, or it just needs to be replaced, do you know what you really need?

Centric works with you to help you determine what hardware or software you need, works with manufacturers to get you the right products quickly and then helps you maintain it all.




We have partnerships with leading manufacturers and software companies like Dell, KodakAlaris, Microsoft, Pearson Kelly, ProLaw, Quickbooks and more. We work directly with our partners to get your hardware and software to you quickly, without having to go through a retailer. This means you'll get the right equipment at the right time.


In addition to helping you choose and purchase the right equipment, our technicians support any and all hardware or software applications you purchase. The other part of our management process is complete documentation of your IT strategy that includes the types of hardware and software you chose, with specifics, that allow us to quickly identify any known issues, or purchase new equipment quickly as needed.


One of the most difficult things to keep track of is your software subscriptions. The dates always vary, the timelines aren't always the same and the consequences for not meeting their deadlines can wreak havoc on your business. Our Centric technicians can help you manage your subscriptions and work with your team if it continues to be a worthwhile tool in your IT strategy. 

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