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What do you do when your internet is down? What about when you need a new server, printer or fax machine? Or when you need access to a file that got deleted? What would you do if all three were happening at the same time? Would your IT staff be able to handle the chaos?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) either act as your IT department or supplement their efforts and let them focus on the larger, strategic projects instead of the day-to-day monotonous, but necessary, tasks. MSPs will take care of your backups, make sure your internet is running smoothly, fix it if it isn't and help you make smart decisions about the technological future of your business.


Technology is always changing. There’s always a newer, faster, more accurate application or device. It’s a hazard of the field. One you don’t have time to keep track of. When we take care of your IT, we’re not just making sure everything runs correctly. We are looking at tech trends and new applications, so we can make sure you keep up with the changes.


You don’t know what you don’t know. Can your employees identify a phishing scam? Do they know what to do if they accidentally download malware? Not only can we teach them what to do in a crisis, but we can put measures in place to make sure that they have almost zero chance of ever being exposed to something that could hurt your business. 


As technology changes, and becomes more complicated, it’s more and more difficult to know how to manage it. At Centric, we have more than a combined 30 years of technology experience. We’ve watched tech change and know how to predict where it will go next. As executives, you tell your employees to focus on their strengths. Let us use our expertise in tech to help you grow.

What Makes Us Different

When we provide "managed services" for our clients, we do so in the hopes that it frees up time for them to do their best work. We want our clients to feel secure, knowing that we've got their IT handled.

We create this trust with a process that starts at the very beginning. We don't just jump into your problems. We make sure we understand your objectives, your abilities and your limitations.

We take our time getting to know you before things go wrong, so if things do go wrong, we can be your support system, not another nuisance.




Our help desk is critical as it serves as a centralized point of contact for all our client’s technical issues.
it allows for a responsive and timely solution to get clients and their staff back to business as usual. In
addition to handling immediate IT issues, our technicians perform several proactive tasks to ensure our
clients’ IT systems remain operational and downtime is minimized.


Businesses without robust security measures in place are easy targets for hackers. Hacking isn't the only
threat to your system, though. Viruses and spyware can easily and unknowingly be downloaded from emails
or the Internet. That's why Centric monitors your network for vulnerabilities, maintains firewalls and spam
filters and provides 24/7 support.


As your virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), Centric would work with you to develop technology
strategies and goals for your organization. Our technicians will analyze your processes and advise you on the
different technology solutions you could implement to enhance your business. Instead of focusing on one
specific aspect of your IT department, Centric would help you make decisions to align your overall business
and IT goals.

How We Work

When you become a client, you're so much more than a name to us. The first thing we do is get to know you, your business and your goals. We make sure we understand where you're headed and how you're planning on getting there. 

After we start your services, we immediately begin tuning - our process for monitoring which services your employees are using, what issues they're having and how often they're using our services. This helps us identify areas in your business where we need to adapt to better fit with your employees' needs. 

Our end goal is to become an extension of your business. We're here to help you grow and watch you succeed, not become another obstacle in your way.

Talk to an Expert

Need help deciding between two applications? Want to know if you can get a better rate on your internet or phone bill? Talk to one of our in-house experts today.