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Technology is in every corner of your business. Why is it then that you are so focused on how technology can benefit each of your departments separately?

At Centric, we work with you to determine your business goals and then help you find technology that gets you closer to meeting those goals. We know that when you think of technology as an enterprise tool, and not just a departmental one, communication is made easier, customers are better served and work gets done better and faster than before. 


The most important part of building a technology strategy for your business is to understand what you do, who you are and where you want to go. Your business, your goals and your values are at the core of every strategy and plan we create with you. When it comes to your overall technology solution, we take the time to understand how your business operates and then craft the best strategy to help you meet your goals.


Businesses have fallen into the trap of finding and buying more and more applications without thinking about the barriers they create. Some departments go out and find communication applications that are supposed to make internal communication easier, but only implement it in one department. Or they'll find a solution that works great for their admin team, try to implement it across their business and then wonder why it isn't working everywhere like it is in their Admin department. Just because one team found a way to make it work, doesn't mean the rest will. We help business owners think enterprise-wide first and departmental second.


Software applications are the new norm in business. Most departments use at least one, if not multiple, applications to complete their everyday tasks. From management applications to document management applications, CRM applications to analytics tracking software, these applications make our lives easier. At least until they don't. Instead of trying to track down the support contact information for three different applications, we make it easy and just give you one number to call.

A Bird's Eye View of Your Business

From email to management systems and portals to printers, every one of your employees uses at least some form of technology. We take a bird's eye view of your business to determine where technology works, where it gets in the way and how it stretches throughout your business.

We leverage our relationships with local, regional and national manufacturers to determine how other companies are using their products and identify new opportunities for you. We are also always watching for advancement in our own industry to make sure you're using the latest technology.




As your virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), Centric would work with you to develop technology
strategies and goals for your organization. Our technicians will analyze your processes and advise you on the
different technology solutions you could implement to enhance your business. Instead of focusing on one
specific aspect of your IT department, Centric would help you make decisions to align your overall business
and IT goals.


In addition to the communication barriers put up when businesses use multiple applications that can't talk to one another, users also have to deal with each individual application's support team whenever something goes wrong. And considering more and more support departments are utilizing bots or have no contact information available, getting someone to fix your problem can be a challenge. We've simplified the process. Our technicians work with engineers at a number of leading software companies, and can provide support for those applications, in addition to the support we already provide with our HelpDesk services.


One of the most frustrating aspects of IT is figuring out how many resources to devote to it. Our technicians work with your operations and finance managers to make sure your business gets the technology you need without breaking the bank. 

Talk to an Expert

Need help deciding between two applications? Want to know if you can get a better rate on your internet or phone bill? Talk to one of our in-house experts today.