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As technology continues to take over every aspect of our lives - including the way we do business - the ability to communicate has become paramount. Your consumers want real people to help them with their real problems. Make sure you have the right technology at your disposal.

Centric works with voice and data companies to provide our clients with specialized plans to meet their specific voice and data needs. We work to help you identify the carriers and plans that will work best for your business and your employees, then help you negotiate with those carriers.


With more and more transactions, referrals and inquiries happening online, your ability to succeed is increasingly dependent on your connectivity. If your consumers can't find you online, can't contact you because your phone systems are down or can't get a response or complete transactions because you don't have access to the internet, they aren't going to be your customers much longer. Centric technicians make sure you are constantly connected to the people who keep your business running.


Did you know when it comes to voice and data carriers, you aren't necessarily stuck with the price they give you? There is some room for negotiation. We help you understand what you're getting, when you have grounds to negotiate and help you determine the steps you need to take in that negotiation. 


One of the most growing benefits that any business can easily claim is employment flexibility. What that looks like for any given business is different. For some, their employees may be able to work 100% remote. For others, it's implementing VOIP phones, instead of traditional phones, that add a little bit of flexibility to they way they are able to communicate. 

What Makes Us Different

Finding a voice and data provider can be as difficult as picking out one pen from a set of 100 different ones. You need a pen, but you don't really understand the differences between them all. You know there are some that cost less, some that have higher quality and others you just want to avoid, but you can't tell which one is which by face value alone. 

We help you find a voice and data provider that is at a cost point your comfortable with and a quality bar that meets your expectations. We'll wade through the specifics and help you understand why you should go with one provider over another.

Talk to an Expert

Need help deciding between two applications? Want to know if you can get a better rate on your internet or phone bill? Talk to one of our in-house experts today.