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3 Benefits of Managed Service Providers

 There’s no prize for the guy who does it all.

Entrepreneurs have a tendency to want absolute control over their business, micromanaging every little detail until they are blue in the face.

There is nothing wrong with this. Your small business is your baby.

As you begin to grow and scale, however, having complete control over every decision only creates more stress and distracts you from the big picture.

As you grow, you hire more people. With more people, comes more investments in infrastructure until what was once a little business in a strip mall, becomes a full-fledged competitor. Congratulations.

Now’s the time to take a step back and assess your options. If your aim is to be ahead of the competition, one of the best ways to do this is to invest in new technology. This isn’t possible if your two in-house IT guys are bogged down by excessive rudimentary tasks, like monitoring networks and performing routine maintenance.

It may sound scary, but outsourcing your IT might be the most cost effective solution.

Say Goodbye to Excess Costs

When people think of outsourcing they imagine moving all their customer service to India or all of their production to a factory in China. But, outsourcing IT simply means moving all of your basic IT tasks to a managed service provider (MSP). It frees up your IT for more important tasks, while beefing up your infrastructure.

MSPs provide a fixed rate and remotely monitor your computers, offering 24/7 assistance for all of your rudimentary tech needs. This gives your in-house IT the ability to find areas to cut costs and keep your business up-to-date. Not to mention that MSPs also monitor tech trends and gives you expert suggestions on ways to use technology more effectively.

Proactive Management

It’s nice knowing that someone has your back, especially in regards to technology that you may not completely understand. MSPs anticipate problems before they come up, and can help you identify recurring issues that may need your attention. They’ll help you find the root of the problems and work with you to determine solutions, whether that’s working with a vendor to patch a security issue or buying a new printer.

They’ll also monitor your network 24/7 for threats or slowdowns. Both of which, if not caught in enough time, have the potential to be catastrophic for your business.

Reinforced Security

When the entire security of your businesses relies on just one person, the chance of something slipping through the cracks is high. When your business expands, but your IT department doesn’t, you’re opening yourself up to security breaches. Having someone constantly check for new updates and security patches eliminates the issue of human error. MSPs ensure that your security systems are up to date, preventing any sort of data breach.

Trusting someone to handle your technological infrastructure can be difficult, but if you choose to brave it on your own, your business may end up hurting in the long run. MSPs understand the ins and outs of your business, providing you and your IT department the support they need to keep your business competitive and secure.

Maybe it’s time to let someone take the reins of the day-to-day, so that you can focus on the tomorrow.

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