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Cloud Security Threats You Need to Know About

Adopting new ideas and implementing change in your organization is difficult, especially if you’re venturing into complex and unknown waters. Over the last decade, though, those waters have actually been clouds. The idea of storing data using cloud computing has put many businesses on edge.

In fact, according to RightScale’s State of the Cloud Report, people are most skeptical about how secure the cloud is at keeping their files safe. They cite that roughly a fourth of their respondents still do not trust cloud security in 2017.

This fear of the unknown impedes progress and change within an organization.

As we dive deeper into the information era, this keeps increasing. Every day you are bombarded with headlines from a seemingly endless amount of sources, preying on fear to maximize the amount of clicks/views they receive.

Why? Because fear is sticky.

In a world where everyone can be a “journalist,” this increased competition places fear at the center of the news.

As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between what you are told to fear and what you should actually fear.

This is why it is important to debunk myths of cloud services to see if the cloud is right for your business.

Is Your Data Safe In-House?

For many small businesses, investments in new technology are incredibly expensive. Chances are, you only have one or two in-house IT people, if you’re lucky. In a business that relies heavily on technology, it’s too easy for your team to become overwhelmed and underperform.

If your IT staff is bogged down by daily tasks, chances are they are stretched too thin to perform vital security tasks, such as updating anti-virus systems or applying security patches. If you rely on cloud services, however, much of this stress is taken away and put it in the hands of a larger organization that is focused on keeping your data safe.

Debunking Security Concerns

When businesses begin thinking about whether or not to move their data to the cloud, many believe that they are placing their entire data security in the hands of someone else. While this may be somewhat true, there are other ways to ensure data you put in the cloud is already secure.

Most likely the cloud service you are looking for already encrypts the data put on the cloud. Encryption is by far the best way to keep data safe. Simply compressing your files or making them password protected adds an additional layer of security. Even if someone were to compromise the cloud itself, the files on the cloud would still be password protected. This allows you to use the cloud for its many other features, such as increased storage, while keeping your files secure.

Perception Versus Reality

The recent Equifax breach and the WannaCry hacking scandal have brought the idea of data security into the limelight. With this sort of news coverage, it is easy to give into the idea that your sensitive company data is at risk. This makes moving your data to an unknown service seem scary. Sure, you may not completely understand the cloud and are having a hard time wrapping your head around switching to an entirely new platform, but does this mean it’s a bad idea?

Simply put, the cloud works. It has the potential to scale your organization, add flexibility for your employees and free up your in-house IT staff. Choosing not to give this technology a chance because you are afraid of change will end up biting you in the end. As long as your data is secure when it goes in the cloud, there is nothing to fear.

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