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Security Update | Chrome Crashing Servers

Is Google Chrome crashing your servers?

Recently, our clients have noticed a decrease in system performance and stability. The problem stems from a Google Chrome security architecture issue that parses out every Google Chrome tab, plugin and extension so that each run independently of the other. While this makes sense from a usability standpoint, so that when one page crashes they all do not, it is wreaking havoc on your systems.

When you and your employees leave Google Chrome tabs open overnight, your computer continues to use valuable RAM to maintain those tabs, plugins and extensions, instead of running system updates and backups. If this happens too often, your system can become unstable and crash. The problem seems to have ramped up over the past week, as we’ve had several clients experience this issue.

Prevention is simple. Make sure you and your employees close out of any and all Google Chrome tabs prior to leaving your office each night. While we’d prefer that you restart or shut down every computer every night, simply closing out of all Google Chrome before you leave will protect you and your systems for now.

Contact your account manager for more information about this security update.

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