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Changes at Centric: a new way to do business

You’ve always known us as a managed service provider. We were there to keep you running, though you may never have known we existed. We were the silent supporter that meant you didn’t have to worry, and the fixer in times of disaster.

What we’ve realized, though, is that we have so much more knowledge to offer than just making sure your business runs. We have the knowledge and the tools to help your business succeed.


As a managed service provider, we took care of your maintenance and procurement needs. We helped you purchase and install computers, printers and scanners. We helped you with your phone systems.

As a technology services provider, we still do all of that. Now, we can help you identify places where technology can boost your productivity, recommend management systems and other software to increase your efficiency rates and support all of your technology investments.

This move from managed services to technology services was made to better help the individuals and companies who rely on our expertise. The goal is to provide one place that our clients can trust to give them informed advice for all of their technology needs.

We understand the way a business functions. We understand the software options each company has – no matter the industry – and can help you find the right software solution for your business. More than just advising, though, we help you procure, implement and manage whatever solution you determine is best for your business.

We do more than keep your business running. We put you in control of when, where and how you use technology every day.

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