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Centric Spotlight: Lowther Johnson

We at Centric love the Springfield community and are proud to serve some pretty amazing clients throughout the region, including Lowther Johnson!

Lowther Johnson has attorneys that specialize in just about everything. From speeding tickets to personal injury, this team of experts is equipped to handle almost any legal need you throw at them. They take pride in their personal service and are willing to fight for you like you’re part of the family.

The attorneys at Lowther Johnson began serving the community of Springfield in 1975, with an aim to personalize the legal profession. They currently house 20 different attorneys, each with various areas of expertise and specialization, who make sure their clients’ needs take precedent over everything else –both in and out of the courtroom.

Handling such a diverse group of clients can be a difficult venture. Both the attorneys at Lowther Johnson and the technicians at Centric understand the intense pressure you’re put under when something goes unexpectedly wrong. That’s why our technicians work around-the-clock to make sure Lowther Johnson has all the tools necessary to make sure their service is top-of-the-line.

Centric understands the value of having specialized experts on staff. It means that clients are better served, needs are better understood and requirements are better met. It gives clients a peace knowing that their concerns are being addressed by the person most qualified to solve their problems.

The attorneys at Lowther Johnson recognize their individual strengths and will make sure that the needs of their clients are met by the attorney most experienced in their specific issue. But they also recognized that in order to meet their clients’ needs, they needed a little backup. Centric gives Lowther Johnson the same peace of mind that they give to their own clients. We let their experts focus on their clients, while we handle the tech. 

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