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How to Survive Through Devastating Disasters

We all know the tragedy that follows Missouri disasters. We saw the physical destruction that tornadoes can leave in Joplin and again in Branson. We saw people pick themselves up and try to rebuild their lives – to get back to some sense of normalcy.

We watched houses and buildings being rebuilt, roads being cleared and schools reopening. But it takes more than construction to rebuild a community.

What we didn’t see is how St. John’s Hospital – now Mercy Hospital – dealt with the fallout. We didn’t see how local business owners picked through ruble to rebuild and reopen their businesses. We didn’t see the plans they had in place for a disaster like this.

As anyone who has lived in this region for any length of time knows, disaster plans are an absolute necessity. Tornadoes can strike at any time and with very little warning.

While cyberattacks don’t leave physical scars like tornadoes, they are just as dangerous. Because, unlike storms, these attacks don’t have warning signs. Very rarely will you hear sirens telling you to batten down the hatches. But, they have the ability to cripple a business from the inside out.

Just like your disaster plans for tornadoes or earthquakes, having a cyberattack disaster and recovery plan in place will help you control the aftermath and rebuild quickly.

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