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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Tanner's Paint & Body

We at Centric love the Springfield, MO community and are proud to serve some pretty amazing clients throughout the region, including Tanner’s Paint & Body!

The Tanner’s team understands the importance your vehicle plays in your life. It runs you and your family all over town. It’s what keeps you moving… literally. They take what they do so seriously because they know you’ve entrusted them with the safety of your family.

Founded in 2008 by Tanner Long, Tanner’s Paint & Body has seen exponential growth over the years as the 417 community recognized the value the team brings to this area. John and Traci Cothran, the new owners, have continued to build upon the growth and value of Tanner’s. Like Tanner, they believed that they needed to strengthen their internal team in order to continue to serve this growing community with the same level of care the shop is known for.

Centric Technologies and Tanner’s Paint & Body understand the peace of mind that comes from keeping your machines running. Our Centric team keeps their computers working, so they can keep their customers’ cars running. “Instead of taking time out of what I was doing to figure out a problem, Centric works on my computer and I can do what I need to,” said Ledbetter.

Tanner’s and Centric both understand that unexpected accidents and crashes can wreak havoc on your day, so both our teams work together to make sure you can move on as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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