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5 Powerful Web Apps You Need to Start Using Now

Have you ever woken up one morning thinking everything was okay, then suddenly your stomach drops? You forgot something important but you can’t put your finger on it. So, you check your phone and realize that you had a dentist appointment two days ago and it completely slipped your mind.

As we age we begin to forget the most simplest of things such as, “Where are my keys?” 

“Did I pay the utility bill?”

“I could have sworn my wife’s birthday wasn’t today.”

This sort of forgetfulness and disorganization can easily bleed into your work life as well, but fortunately for you there’s software to help you out. The days of sticky notes and writing things on our arms are now behind us, and there are plenty of applications out there to organize your work and help you become more productive.

However, sorting through the vast void of productivity apps can be overwhelming. When looking for the right software to help improve your productivity there are a few must haves. Features such as an easy to navigate user interface, collaboration features and a centralized place to organize your work are necessary components of good productivity software.

Google Suite

Equipped with cloud based technology, Google Suite allows you to store your files, create presentations and set appointments in a single place. You can share all of these files with anyone, and can collaborate on group projects in real time. This application can be accessed anywhere with a network connection, and the best part is that it’s completely free! All you need is a Google account.

Edison Assistant

It’s easy to forget the small things in life, but Edison Assistant, acts as your own personal servant. It handles and remembers all your little tasks. This app is easy to use and offers an immense amount of functionality, anything from scheduling a post on Facebook to checking traffic as you leave for work. You can download Edison Assistant directly on the iTunes App Store for free.


One of the best way to centralize your work for multiple people is through Trello. This app allows you to group whole departments together in one place. Basically, you create cards with customizable tasks that are sorted by due date or priority. Anyone in the group can access these cards making it easy to collaborate with other members of your department. The UI is simple, fun and easy to navigate.


At its core, Evernote is an app that can help sync a variety of notes, documents, memos and pictures in a single place. It also provides many collaboration features and search capabilities making it easy to find important information in a matter of seconds. Even competitors such as Microsoft OneNote cannot compare to Evernote’s efficient and productive capabilities.


One of the best project management applications is Asana, an incredibly effective tool to collaborate and communicate in a team-based environment. Asana helps you keep track of ongoing projects, as well as who is working on them. The product is easy to use and you can manage all of your group activity from a single account. Working as a team can be tough, but this app helps alleviate many of the stressors when working with a group or multiple groups.

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