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4 Security Threats That Can Harm Your Local Business


One of the greatest security risk for any business are its employees. They know where the company’s valuable data is stored and how to access it and some may even have access to it on a daily basis.  A common cause of a data breach is from an employee who may have been fired or one that is for whatever reason unhappy.  An employee that was once trusted, that is let go or put in unfavorable circumstances with the company can become an expensive threat.

Some precautions to take in order to avoid an internal breach of data or security are as follows:

  1. Make sure you change all passwords, credentials and authentications when an employee leaves or is let go.
  2. Monitor your access credentials very closely, and be sure to log privileged account activity and watch for unusual behavior.
  3. With a managed service provider, set up security clearance to certain levels of your network so you know who has access to what data.

It is not just unhappy employees that can be a liability, but also ones that are careless or not properly educated on  business security techniques. It is not uncommon for a forgetful employee to leave their password written down, in plain sight, so they don't forget it. It is also common for employees to share their passwords with other employees that they trust, which compromises your data security.

A big problem today is when employees open harmful email attachments or browse through malicious websites. This introduces malware into your network and causes data to be compromised or some technology to not work properly.

You can avoid these scenarios by making sure that you train your employees to operate under proper security procedures. let them know the importance of their cooperation and how it will help keep your company's data secure.  You can also train your employees to become familiar with  the looks of emails that may contain malicious content. While you are training employees on becoming familiar with phishing scams, you can also give tips on how to create a strong password and let them know it is good to change it every so often. If you still wanted further security, you could encrypt your data so it’s unreadable. With Centric security features we can guarantee that your data will be able to rest safe and sound even in the case of a data breach.


With today's technology, if a business does not utilize mobile capabilities, they are wasting valuable resources. With a greater use of tablets, smartphones, and portable electronic devices security risks are increased. These mobile devices can become an uncontrolled workstation that can provide access to sensitive company data.  If an employee was to lose their mobile device, then company's data is at risk. When a user accesses files while using public wifi their connection is not secure.

Another great defense against security breaches in mobile devices is education. Having a simple and clear Bring Your Own Device policy in place for employees can substantially decrease your chances of a security breach. By using something called segmented data access, you can separate the applications from the data so sensitive information is never transmitted or stored remotely.

By using data encryption, user authentication and Mobile Device Management (MDM) software you will continue to decrease your company's risk of experiencing a costly data breach.


Outdated software is a common security flaw for small businesses. It is almost impossible to keep up with the new viruses and malware that is introduced to networks on a daily basis. This is why it is important to keep your software updated in order to utilize the countless hours that are put in by the software company to researching and upgrading their products.

Operating systems also need to be kept up to date. It is no secret that Apple seems to have an operating system update as soon as some of us slackers get around to installing the previous updates. By keeping your operating system up to date, you will keep adding security patches to your system and be protected against any new viruses or malware that has been identified as a threat.

Each of these are extremely common security issues that a company faces regularly. In order to protect your business, the best strategy is to come up with a set of security protocols that are emphasized to employees and updated regularly. Taking advice from technology experts with a managed service provider would also help decrease your chances for a security breach. 

Comment below and share some other security threats that are affecting your business. We are happy to help you and your business in any way we can!

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