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10 Benefits of Outsourcing IT to a Managed Service Provider

There is a new way to do business, and that is by outsourcing all of your technology needs to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). By outsourcing your IT needs, you will gain a number of benefits:

You can control IT costs

Although the cost of IT can never really be planned, outsourcing will convert fixed IT costs into variable costs and allow you to make a more accurate budget.

You will reduce labor costs

Between hiring and training an IT staff as well as paying their salary it can be very expensive. Outsourcing lets you focus your human resources where you need them most.

You will gain trained, experienced, qualified, and certified technicians

The best way to provide assurance to your customers is making sure that you have expert staff who are professionals and experienced in what they do. Hiring an IT expert can be tricky and extremely expensive. Certifications like Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) are important, but so is experience.

Just because someone is qualified doesn't mean they are experienced

There are few problems that leading IT service companies can not fix. An in-house IT technician is isolated to each individual office he works for. By servicing multiple businesses an MSP will constantly be fixing unique problems and offering their expertise when your business falls prey to a seemingly "unsolvable" technology issue.

Increase the competitiveness and efficiency of your business

Organizations that try to do all IT services in-house themselves can have much higher research, development and implementation time, all of which increase costs and are ultimately passed on to customers.

Help implement  new technology and upgrades quickly 

An outsourced IT service like Centric will have the resources to start new projects immediately. If you were to handle the same project, in-house, it might involve weeks or months of planning, hiring the right people, training them and providing the support they need. For Centric's implementations, we will immediately bring experience which will save you time and money.

Keep you focused on your core business

It is no secret that businesses, especially small ones, have limited resources. Outsourcing can help your business stay focused on your core tasks and not get distracted by complex IT decisions.

Reduce your risk

The technology landscape is always changing and presenting new risks. Outsourcing providers assume and manage much of this risk for you. With specific industry knowledge, especially security and compliance issues, you and your technology will fee safe. They generally are much better at deciding how to avoid risk in their areas of expertise.

Level the Playing Field

Most small businesses can't afford to match the in-house support services that larger companies maintain. Outsourcing can help small companies act "big" by giving them access to the similar technology, and expertise that large companies enjoy. An independent third party managed cost structure and economy of scale can give your company a competitive advantage.

Compliance and Security

Is your firewall up to date? When was the last time your workstations and servers were audited? Has your company implemented PCI security standards? Does your company and work to maintain those standards? In today's technology advanced world businesses have many ways to take different forms of payments. With these forms of transactions also comes the need for due diligence. By using a Managed Service Provider who is familiar with PCI Compliance standards, you can be sure that your company is minimizing the risks associated with maintaining client data, credit card numbers, sensitive competitive information.

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