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Value of Outsourcing - Reducing Business Costs

Small business owners incur a number of different technology pains and dilemmas. A reliable network is one of the key factors to a successful business, as well as scaling back and cutting overhead cost. Having a fully staffed IT department can be a major cost of business. This can be cut in half by simply outsourcing your IT needs. Most small businesses have at least one full time employee that is devoted to IT or they don’t have any. Either way these scenarios are not going to get them the best return on their investment in today’s complex technology society.

Most in house IT departments are overworked and burdened by too many responsibilities. When your IT department is busy trying to fix printers, reset passwords and onboarding new employees, they don’t have time to worry about security of the company’s sensitive information stored on the networks. This makes the company vulnerable to breakdown, whether it be human error or cybercrime. A study by Gartner said that, through 2016, people - not technology - will be responsible for almost 80 percent of technology failure. Not to mention that businesses that do not have any IT focused employees are on the break-fix model of technology management. This system will negatively affect the overall health and profitability of the business. This is because the health of the business is driven by the performance, reliability and security of its technology systems.

With the break fix model the network and systems have no proactive monitoring or management of their networks. There is no emergency plan in place if something were to go wrong. When something does go wrong that manager will have to call an IT specialist and those generally cost about $100 every hour. This is without the trip fee, surcharges and standard repair costs. This also does not include the cost of any downtime the company may have experienced or hardware and software upgrades. On top of all the costs that come with an IT specialist the business will also negatively affect over-all customer satisfaction. Not something that any business should take a chance doing.

By letting a Managed Service Provider monitor networks and security, a business can rest easy and save money. By outsourcing IT needs, companies are gaining a partner who will share risks and responsibilities. An IT consultant makes money when a business’ technology breaks down and only then. So why would they want to implement a permanent fix in your network and systems? A managed Service Provider acts as a catalyst to the overall growth of a business. By measuring, reporting, analyzing, and optimizing IT service operations an MSP will help a business’s technology run so that the owner or managers can focus on running the business.

It is proven that MSP’s can decrease IT support costs by as much as 50 percent. So as a business owner, you can cross technology problems off your list of things to worry about by outsourcing your IT to Centric. 

Leave your network and security worries at the door and start focusing on growing your business again.

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