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Windows 10 Upgrade Opens Your Data?

According to Dan Goodwill, the president of Dan Goodwill and Associates, Windows 10 upgrade is a huge enhancement for the transportation industry. The price is unbeatable but there are a few things that all companies should be aware of before upgrading to the newest version of windows.

When you do a normal install of Windows 10 upgrade, what they don’t tell you is that Microsoft now has access to a gold mine of personal and company data. They also have made it so that your machine’s wifi can be used by your neighbors and people who are close by. Microsoft says that their “hands on” approach to taking your data and bandwidth is only to benefit the greater good of the computing community, but it should be a business owner’s choice whether to share their personal data or keep it private. There are a few ways that companies can limit access to their personal data.

Do a custom install of Windows 10 Upgrade: If you opt out of the “Express install” then you are limiting the access that Microsoft will have to your personal data. If you chose an express install all of the security that is protecting you’re your personal data from Microsoft is erased. After clicking the “Custom Install” option you can go into custom settings and click “No” to many of the data-leeching options Microsoft so willing offers.

Say No to Other Data Pilfering: When you choose the “Express Install” you are enabling Cortana, Window’s onboard personal assistant, to keep track of what you type, questions you ask, and even what is said into your computer’s microphone. Your machine is also tagged with an Advertising ID that allows advertisers to track what you buy and look at on the internet. If this kind of monitoring and tracking is okay with you then you can keep going with your day as usual. If you want to opt out of this kind of tracking all you have to do is go to Start>Settings>Privacy and undo the many permissions that Microsoft gives itself.

Disable Windows 10’s potential to steal your bandwidth: Microsoft has made it possible to auto-program your Windows 10 machine to share YOUR copies of apps and updates with other devices that are in need of an update.

Microsoft likes to call this procedure “Windows Update Delivery Optimization”. What it should be called is “signing up for slower internet”. Let’s say you are trying to upload a large file or onboard a new freight and driver and end up having to wait for hours because Microsoft is in the background sifting through your machine to help your neighbor get their newest upgrade. Not cool.

Who knew that taking the easy way out and selecting the “Express Install” would open up all of your personal data to Microsoft? By utilizing the services of technology professionals at a managed service provider a trucking company will be able to stop unwanted data snooping before it happens. They are the experts in security so you do not have to be. To learn more about how you can stay ahead of your software installs, contact a technician for more information.

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