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Tech Culture

When people think of artificial intelligence most imagine humanoid robots. Movies like AI, iRobot and Terminator depict a future in which robots are cognitive beings like ourselves. Unfortunately the artificially intelligent robots in these movies have a lust for world domination As of right now, the worst that could happen would be that computers take all of our jobs. Needl ...

We may be jumping the gun a bit, but it’s time to talk about the end of the world. Sure, artificial intelligence was cute when Siri told you a joke or when IBM’s ‘Deep Blue’ beat the world champion of chess, but what happens when Siri develops a mind of her own? We truly are in a revolutionary era. Computers are beginning to think for themselves. If it wasn’t for AI, we would ...

Is digital tracking such a bad thing? Maybe not. No matter what you think, though, there are ways to keep people from tracking where you go on the Internet.

There are obvious benefits to leaving net neutrality in the status quo, but are there any benefits to changing?

Bitcoin is the shiny new toy in the world of ecommerce. You need to know what it is, how it works and how it affects your business.

In a year-long "Hack the Pentagon" project, 58 people broke through the Pentagon's security. Before you panic, check the statistics. The project was a resounding success.

Drones have been a fascination for consumers and businesses alike, offering virtually endless possibilities in terms of entertainment, military, and commercial uses. Considering the United States is basically the world’s convenience store, it’s no surprise that the idea of drone delivery received ample praise.

With the rapid rate of innovation, it’s become much easier to see the effects of technological culture change. Just think about the Millennial and Baby Boomer divide. The contention between the two generations is not necessarily unusual, but the depth of the divide speaks wonders to how impactful a changing environment is to a generation’s belief system.

The reality is that while students can benefit from a bachelor or associates degree in programming or computer science, it isn’t always necessary. There are many online certification programs that allow students to bypass traditional educational paths and still make a decent living.

Our rudimentary artificial intelligence of today is already drastically improving the society we live in. It uses predictive models, real-time data analysis and machine-learning to create accurate, reliable models by which professionals can better take care of patients, fight crime, educate children, crack down on human trafficking and stop deforestation.

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