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Is Google Chrome crashing your servers? Recently, our clients have noticed a decrease in system performance and stability. The problem stems from a Google Chrome security architecture issue that parses out every Google Chrome tab, plugin and extension so that each run independently of the other. While this makes sense from a usability standpoint, so that when one page crashes ...

Between malware that secrets away your information and ransomware that encrypts all of a business’ files and programs necessary for daily operation, using a computer today feels like walking through a minefield. Blindfolded. What is Malware? Malware is any software that is released with the intent to damage or disable a computer. And there are many types. The most common form ...

Adopting new ideas and implementing change in your organization is difficult, especially if you’re venturing into complex and unknown waters. Over the last decade, though, those waters have actually been clouds. The idea of storing data using cloud computing has put many businesses on edge. In fact, according to RightScale’s State of the Cloud Report, people are most skeptical ...

Three reasons we might be moving to a blockchain model across the board.

Three questions you need to answer before you create and implement a Bring Your Own Device policy.

You have valuable, personal data about your consumers. What are you doing to protect it from hackers?

It's not always the super genius or evil mastermind who hacks company data. And it doesn't always take a truckload of cash to stop the hacking. Sometimes it just takes one regular guy.

Updating can be a pain, but it's absolutely necessary. Make the time to go through and update your system.

Until we all have implants that can be scanned to verify our identity, I guess we'll just have to find more creative passwords than 123456.

Has technology failed or have we failed technology? An event of disastrous proportions has compromised the integrity of computers all around the globe.

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