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 There’s no prize for the guy who does it all. Entrepreneurs have a tendency to want absolute control over their business, micromanaging every little detail until they are blue in the face. There is nothing wrong with this. Your small business is your baby. As you begin to grow and scale, however, having complete control over every decision only creates more stress and distr ...

There is no better feeling than turning on a brand new computer for the first time. You fire it up and make your new login, basking in the glory of a completely empty desktop. Maybe this time you’ll actually make good on your promise not to clutter it up. After this moment of bliss, you click on the program that has always been there for you in this time of need: Google Chrome ...

Your business is like a snowflake. No matter the product or service, each operate a little differently, even within the same industry. In the age of exponentially increasing technology, there is no longer a one-size fits all solution to manage your tasks. Let’s start with the basics. The two most common platforms that businesses use are Microsoft Office Suite and Google Drive ...

Don't buy technology just to buy it. Have a plan.

When looking for the right software to help improve your productivity there are a few must haves.

BYOD, in and of itself, is a great idea, but there are many pitfalls that come with people using their own devices to get work done.

Before small businesses start looking to fix external threats, they need to address the issues that reside within their own organization.

Statistically, in every office, there is always “that guy.” Let’s call him Ted. Ted is the kind of person that leaves food in the company fridge for a week, tells you about a weird mole he found under his armpit and, of course, promptly opens every single email attachment without checking what it is first.

Teds are the reason multibillion dollar companies go bankrupt.

Some say the fall of man happened when Adam ate the poison fruit. I say it happened when Jerry from sales decided to give his bank information to a “Nigerian Prince” who desperately needed his help.

Life used to be much easier when the only computer problem you’d face was the blue screen of death, but now we have to deal with spotty Wi-Fi, annoying pop-ups and the occasional cyberattack.

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