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It seems like more and more we hear the term ‘big data’ being thrown around. But no one really understands what it is, how to capture it and how to capitalize on it. Big data is a constant stream of information. It flows from multiple origin points and, if harnessed correctly, yields actionable, intelligent insights about your consumers, the market and the future of your indus ...

When it comes to errors and omissions coverage, insurance agents will be the first ones to tell their clients how necessary it is, the peace of mind it can bring and how it will save you cash in the future. But, they’ll be so busy trying to make sure all of their clients are covered, that they forget to cover themselves.

From social media to global data, telemetry to industry reports, customer details to claims reports, and actuarial data to public records, agents don’t have the ability to process this data to get the key insights they need to better run their agencies.

Email retention policies help agencies determine which emails are important and which aren't. They give customer service and legal departments the tools they need to make sure their customers are always taken care of.

Insurance agencies have to balance instant gratification with privacy requirements. The best that most agencies can do is use emails to provide information to their customers whenever they need it.

These women have helped to shape the environment we currently enjoy, but are rarely recognized for their accomplishments. Today we want to recognize 10 who have paved the way for technological advancements.

You’ve always known us as a managed service provider. We were there to keep you running, though you may never have known we existed. We were the silent supporter that meant you didn’t have to worry, and the fixer in times of disaster. What we’ve realized, though, is that we have so much more knowledge to offer than just making sure your business runs. We have the knowledge and the tools to help your business succeed.

Technology truly is a double-edged sword. It can crash an entire enterprise or facilitate exponential growth. For insurance companies, technology has brought with it three key factors that will define the future of the industry.

We harbor old flip phones in our junk drawers, save sentimental emails in the depths of our inboxes because we can’t bear to press delete and stow precious memories on thumb drives never to be seen again. It’s so easy to forget this key aspect of spring cleaning because it’s almost always out of sight.

We all know the tragedy that follows Missouri disasters. We saw the physical destruction that tornadoes can leave in Joplin and again in Branson. We saw people pick themselves up and try to rebuild their lives – to get back to some sense of normalcy. We watched houses and buildings being rebuilt, roads being cleared and schools reopening. But it takes more than construction to ...

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