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Drones have been a fascination for consumers and businesses alike, offering virtually endless possibilities in terms of entertainment, military, and commercial uses. Considering the United States is basically the world’s convenience store, it’s no surprise that the idea of drone delivery received ample praise.

Imagine commuting to work in your self-driving car. All of a sudden a message pops up on a screen. “Congrats! You’ve been hacked.” Now your peaceful commute has turned into scene from a horror movie. Your two ton vehicle has now become someone’s RC toy car.

You’re right to be scared of ransomware infections. They can be damning to your business. You can’t predict when they’ll strike, what they’ll take or what you’ll have to do to get your data back. You aren’t completely helpless, though. There are three ways you can actively work to prevent these attacks or at least mitigate the aftermath before they take control of your data.

With the rapid rate of innovation, it’s become much easier to see the effects of technological culture change. Just think about the Millennial and Baby Boomer divide. The contention between the two generations is not necessarily unusual, but the depth of the divide speaks wonders to how impactful a changing environment is to a generation’s belief system.

The reality is that while students can benefit from a bachelor or associates degree in programming or computer science, it isn’t always necessary. There are many online certification programs that allow students to bypass traditional educational paths and still make a decent living.

Our rudimentary artificial intelligence of today is already drastically improving the society we live in. It uses predictive models, real-time data analysis and machine-learning to create accurate, reliable models by which professionals can better take care of patients, fight crime, educate children, crack down on human trafficking and stop deforestation.

It’s easy to see why so many directors, producers and writers like to find their inspiration in AI. They play on peoples’ fear of the unknown in their stories, which can be entertaining certainly, but it is nowhere near the truth.

In this digital age, our lives are being rewired to work and connect through technology.  With the birth of the internet in the 1950’s, millions of digital consumers have found their lives revolutionized by the power at their fingertips. Many users claim that the increased use of digital media has improved their lives…but has it?

Data is the main driver for nearly every non-profit, for-profit or governmental organization across the world. It fuels your business plans, marketing strategies, sales tactics, budgets, business processes and so much more. Creating plans without consulting data is like talking to a wall: frustrating and fruitless.

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