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BYOD, in and of itself, is a great idea, but there are many pitfalls that come with people using their own devices to get work done.

Before small businesses start looking to fix external threats, they need to address the issues that reside within their own organization.

Statistically, in every office, there is always “that guy.” Let’s call him Ted. Ted is the kind of person that leaves food in the company fridge for a week, tells you about a weird mole he found under his armpit and, of course, promptly opens every single email attachment without checking what it is first.

Teds are the reason multibillion dollar companies go bankrupt.

Some say the fall of man happened when Adam ate the poison fruit. I say it happened when Jerry from sales decided to give his bank information to a “Nigerian Prince” who desperately needed his help.

Life used to be much easier when the only computer problem you’d face was the blue screen of death, but now we have to deal with spotty Wi-Fi, annoying pop-ups and the occasional cyberattack.

Laptops, smartphones and tablets are increasingly popular in the business world, making day-to-day business functions incredibly mobile. From presentations to video conferences, the devices many of us have for personal use are now our new offices.

Information technology (IT) is now the cornerstone of the modern business, and the ability to properly manage this function can either make or break your company. In order to perform well in this ever-changing environment, technology must be put on the forefront of your daily business operations.

Long gone are the days where dial-up rendered your landline useless and pierced your ear drums with the most obnoxious noise known to man. Sit still, close your eyes and listen closely, you can still hear its haunting shriek.

Has technology failed or have we failed technology? An event of disastrous proportions has compromised the integrity of computers all around the globe.

The worst thing you can do after a cyberattack like WannaCry is nothing. You have to take action. You have to address your weak points and take extra precautions.

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