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About Us

We're your fun-loving cousins you call when you can't figure out why your internet is down. We're your neighbors who seem to constantly have the newest gadgets, and tell you which is worth the time. We're your friends that you bring your computer to when it's crashed, there are weird squiggly lines on the screen or you just need a tune up.

Just like we help our friends when they need us, our team of expert technicians are available 24/7 to fix any problem your business or your computers have.

We want to see you succeed. Not because we want something from you, but because we genuinely care about the businesses and individuals in our community.

We believe when one business succeeds, we all succeed.

Tech can be confusing. We're not going to pretend otherwise. We just want to help you make the most of it.

We're just local people, invested in local businesses.


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Craig Burks

IT Manager

Every company needs a foundation. With more than 20 years of IT experience, Craig is the rock on which Centric stands. He takes a very hands on approach, both in assisting clients and leading his team of IT experts. Craig is tasked with guiding Centric’s big picture and prioritizing each of our projects. If you can’t find him at his desk, he’s either working in the field or out enjoying all that nature has to offer. At his core, his love for family, people and thirst for knowledge drives him each and every day. Whether you’re looking for a solution or simply want to chat, Craig is the friendly face you want to see.

Understanding. Open-minded. Leader.

Whitney White 

Technical Account Manager

Whitney is our liaison with the outside world. The bridge between Centric and our clients. With a heart of gold and love for people, Whitney provides the human element to our otherwise technical processes. Her personality is magnetic and her passions are pulled from the world around her. Whatever she can get her hands on, you can be sure she’s fully invested.  Every day is filled with opportunity and experience, which is why you won’t find her sleeping in on a Saturday. It all starts with a cup of coffee.

Energetic. Passionate. Driven.

Wayne Kilburn


With 30 years of IT experience under his belt, Wayne has solved it all. He has a diverse background in nearly every aspect of IT, ranging from engineering to tech services. Wayne views the service he provides as a strategic investment, rather than just a number in an expense account. His work strengthens our relationships with clients in a way that puts them at the center of the spotlight. Wayne has an aura of kindness about him, and his faith and love for community drives him as a professional. It’s no surprise he lives each day under the mantra, “Find the best in someone else. Help them maximize it.” Wayne finds the ways to make our customer’s happy. Even beyond IT.

Dynamic. Proactive. Fun-loving.

Robert Drake

Tier 2 Technician

With a background in banking and computer science, Robert provides analytical expertise. He acts as the first line of defense between our clients and those who wish to disrupt their tech. Though his job is technical, it does not take away from his enjoyment of building relationships with our clients. Robert gets along with everyone and his open-minded personality makes people gravitate towards him. The force is strong with Robert.

Reliable. Approachable. Curious.

Evan Mills

Tier 1 Technician

Home grown in Springfield, Evan provides troubleshooting solutions for Centric’s clients. Every day is different, providing unique and exciting challenges he is well equipped to take on. As a young professional, Evan strives for growth and focuses on developing his professional skills. When he’s not at work you can find him building computers or testing them to their maximum performance capabilities. While some may run, Evan leaves no challenge left unanswered. He seizes it.

Professional. Personable. Prioritized.

Garrett Williams

Dispatch Technician

Technology is confusing. With a background in both biological sciences and classical humanities, Garrett is your translator. He helps you understand what went wrong, and how we fixed it. He’s also our in-house geek wrangler. He knows how valuable your time is and makes sure the right person fixes your issues as they arise. When he’s not taking care of clients, you can find him curled up with his jet black German Shepherd, Deimos, or fine tuning his plan for world domination.

Strange. Empathetic. Entertainting.

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